My Dog Smells So Bad: What Can I Do?

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Every dog has their own characteristic scent and this varies from breed to breed. Breeds like Cocker spaniels could evoke this strong odour. Others like the Greyhound may not smell at all while the Siberian husky can ooze a scent that feels much like fresh air and sunshine. While this can be natural and in most cases not usually a problem, the problem begins when your dog starts to smell so bad that even a clean shower won’t take away the pungent odour. What then would make a dog smells so bad? Does your dog smell bad even after a bath?

First, Dogs Have a Natural Body Scent

You should first understand that all dogs have their own scents and even though this may not seem so strong if your dog is healthy, you’ll still perceive it if you come very close. You sure know that dogs are very sensitive to smell and so their individual scent is kind of like a mark of identity or territorial boundary.

This characteristic scent of your dog is passed into the surroundings through the various glands in their ears and feet. Even when your dog is very much healthy, you’ll still perceive this odour but it is not in any way stinky or irritating. But when you want to play with doggie and it begins to smell bad all of a sudden, then you can be sure there’s certainly an infection that needs your utmost attention.

Why Does My Dog Smell Rotten?

As sensitive as dogs are to smell, they seem to prefer stinky stuff and dirt. Their reaction to different odors is quite different from what we have as humans and when you try to clean them up and nice them up with some sweet fragrance or perfume stuff, you’ll find them afterward rolling in the dirt to rid themselves of this.

On most occasions, your dog would smell rotten after they might have played in the dirt or some really stinky stuff. These may include the carcass of a dead animal, the droppings of another animal or even rotten fish. When you find your dog smelling rotten, you can easily take them into the bath for a clean shower with an odourless shampoo. But what if the dog smells bad even after a bath?

Dog Smell Not Going Away After Bathe

When a clean bathe does not do the trick of getting your dog to smell natural again, then it’s most certainly an indication that your furry friend may be suffering from either of a fungal or bacterial infection. Although this can be caused by different things, your dog’s coat or fur may play a significant role in this.

Dogs with very thick undercoat and lots of furs as well as those dogs that like to immerse themselves in water are often at a higher risk of infection. You should take extra care to brush your doggie on a regular basis. In doing this, you’ll be able to remove dirt as well as excess fur so they can always stay clean and healthy. The areas around the ears should also be given proper attention to both clean and remove excess furs.

When to See Your Vet

A smelling dog may also be dealing with skin infections from ticks and fleas and may also be having flaky skin. You can detect this with fur and skin inspection which you can always check for when brushing your dog’s coat. Also, your dog may be smelling as an indication of other conditions which may include one or more of food allergies, nutrition issues, immunity issues, thyroid problems, or several other health issues. In any of these instances, you’ll be better off scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian at the earliest possible time.

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