Simple Ways & Tips to Protect Your Pet from the Sun

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Summer would soon be here and the sun would be blazing hot again. This time of the season when we’d be trying all we can to avoid getting sunburnt should also be extended to our pets. Just like the UV rays can affect us, humans, they can affect our pets in the same manner and so it is important that pet owners, as well as pet sitters, ensure they are well-prepared to care for their pets against the sun in this hot season of the year.

Between Sun and White Pets

White pets, whether cats or dogs should be well-protected against the sun because they are more at risk of getting sunburnt. This also puts them at the risk of developing skin cancers with their nose and ears as the most vulnerable parts, although it is quite easy for the UV rays to penetrate even through the fur. This does not mean dark coloured pets won’t suffer from similar situations. All pets still need to be well-protected against the sun to avoid sunburn.

Using a sunscreen

One of the ways you can protect your pet from the sun is through the use of a sunscreen. As awkward as it may seem, there are several sunscreens available that can be used by pets. Remember to avoid those with zinc oxide and salicylates as they can be bad for dogs, and cats respectively. Also, refrain from using sunscreen that contains other chemicals as they may prove toxic to your pets. You can expect them to lick it off so be sure you get one that won’t cause harm to them.

Keeping pets hydrated

Provide enough water for your pets to drink to reduce their chances of suffering heat strokes on hot days. You can also get ice cubes and cool packs, this will help keep them cool, watered, and comfortable.

Staying under shades

We understand that you’d want to pet walk your dogs and cat at times but extra care must be taken on those hot days. Rather than going about in open spaces, you can choose routes with shades that will reduce the heat of the sun while protecting the pet. If you’re a dog walker, this is something you must always remember.

Avoiding hot parts of the day

Another tip if you’d like to go pet walking is to avoid the time of day when the heat is at the highest level. You may choose other parts of the day with cooler temperature to walk your pets and engage in activities you may want.

You can also try a pet sun shirt

You may also try out pet sun shirt as there are some really great products that will help protect pets from UV rays on hot days. If you’re caring for a pet with thin fur, this is highly recommended.

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