How to Find Your Lost Pets

lost pets

Missing pets can make owners disturbed and confused to great extents but it is not a problem that cannot be solved. If you’re looking for lost pets, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of getting back your pet right on time. These will be the focus of our discussion in this article, and we’ll conclude by providing pet parents hints as to how Pawpular can help pet owners go about finding their lost dogs and cats.

On the realisation that your pet may have been missing, the first thing you should do is search your home areas since its possible they may just be around the corner or sniffing around the porch. If you can’t find them in the areas around your house, you may then proceed to notify your neighbours since it’s also possible they might have seen the pet without knowing it’s your own.

If your pet has a microchip which of course we’ve always recommended, then you can also proceed to call the chip company to let them know you lost you pet. This will make it easier to locate your pet if eventually they are found or rescued by pet shelters. You can also check out
pet shelter facilities in your neighbourhood as well as well as veterinaries and rescue groups to know if they’ve seen your lost dog.

You should also endeavour to check the shelters personally every day and may even provide photos of your pet for even better description. These, along with searching and scouring your neighbourhood would go a long way in helping your lost dog or lost cat get found and brought back home.

Tips for finding your missing dog

If your dog is the friendly type that socializes well, it’s possible he might have gone missing while in search of attention from other dogs in the neighbourhood or other people. The most likely places you’ll find dogs are neighbour’s yards, parks, and gathering of people.

If it is a shy dog, you may find it hiding around in bushes, someone else’s yard or under parked cars. Dogs would often go farther than cats and so you can expect to find them within miles of your home. A small dog may go as far as a mile or two while larger, stronger dogs could go as far as five miles, although not usually following a straight path or route.

If you’ll go around the neighborhood, ensure stays around the home because there are several cases of lost and found pets returning home after a while.

You should also consider making flyers of lost pets that should be pasted around the neighbourhood with a reward if anyone has helped you find the lost pet. The poster should have a large and clear photo of your pet or a similar pet so people can be able to identify and know the found dog is yours.

Pawpular for finding lost dogs

Pawpular is a large online community of pet lovers which includes pet owners as well as passionate dog care service providers. The platform is centered on pets and every pet owner, pet care provider, or pet lover should be a part of the community since the Pawpular App is available for free downloads online. With Pawpular and several of its integrated services and features, finding a missing pet can significantly become easier as most members in your areas and the surrounding areas can help you get real progress with your search.

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